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Founded in March 1999 the voluntary association 'IL QUADRIFOGLIO ONLUS, Coordinamento Famiglie con Disabili della Valchiavenna', in addition to commiting to promote the creation and operation of a residential facility for the disabled community of Valchiavenna works to assist and help families who are living with continual dissabilities. We present ourself as a reliable and concrete partner for governments and local institutions as well as try to unite and coordinate forces to help protect and integrate those who have mental and physical disabilities in Valchiavenna.
Our main site: http://www.associazionequadrifoglio.it

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Il quadrifoglio: Coordinamento Famiglie con disabili della Valchiavenna
Email: info@associazionequadrifoglio.it
Address: via Don Pietro Buzzetti, 51 23020 Chiavenna (SO)
Telephone: +39 0343 33606

Our Facebook Page: Visit our Facebook page

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